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Core Performance® is the predecessor to the Advanced Buildings New Construction Guide and is represented in Tier 1 of the guide. Similar to the Guide, Core Performance is a direct, simplified approach to achieve predictable energy savings in small- to medium-sized buildings without the need for modeling.

The nationally recognized, easy-to-use, Core Performance Guide brings together over 30 criteria defining high performance in building envelope, lighting, HVAC, power systems and controls. When applied together in an integrated design process, these measures result in buildings that are 30% more energy efficient than model building standards.

Who is using Core Performance? Architects, engineers and building owners who want improved energy performance and indoor air quality (IAQ) on their new commercial construction projects while working within tight design and construction budgets.

How does it help? Core Performance offers a direct, simplified design approach to energy efficiency in new commercial construction projects to achieve energy efficiencies of 30 percent more energy efficient than model building standards.

When should the design team use Core Performance? While Core Performance can be applied to any building, it’s ideal for the 95 percent of buildings up to 70,000 square feet. It’s also appropriate for your first step toward higher efficiency or for fully engaged “green,” or sustainable, design projects.

Why are people interested in Core Performance? Core Performance provides technical guidance on energy efficiency without the expense and uncertainty of the modeling process.

How will Core Performance help with LEED? USGBC has identified Core Performance as an alternate path to building simulation for EA Credits LEED NC. The process is worth up to five points on most building types.

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Errata & Updates

With each reprint, the Core Performance Guide is reviewed and updated if necessary. These errata sheets document any changes that have been made for each version. Read More

Core Performance & LEED Energy and Atmosphere Credits

The U.S. Green Building Council has accepted Core Performance as a prescriptive path for LEED energy points. This offers buildings up to 100,000 square feet a cost-effective way to achieve certification. Read More