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ALG Online, formerly the Advanced Lighting Guidelines, is the premier resource for energy efficient lighting design, technologies and applications written and vetted by industry leaders. Eight chapters and two directories cover lighting design theory, implications, policies, technical best practices, design guidance and more for new and existing commercial spaces.

Below are links to news and some of the highlighted educational resources on advanced lighting design and technology application from ALG Online. For full access to all that ALG Online has to offer, subscribe now at

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This series informs readers on timely topics such as breaking research, conference reviews, industry trends and technology updates.

Learn from the Experts

   Best Practice Daylighting Design: An Interview with Christopher Meek  

   Energy Efficient Lighting: An Interview with Nancy Clanton 

ALG Snapshots

Sometimes, examples are best. Printable snapshots present a variety of selected subscriber-only content. Incorporate content into training programs or distribute as-is.  They are available for co-branding.

Advanced Lighting Application Modules

These Application Modules serve as quick-reference design guides featuring lighting layout and controls integration for a variety of specific building types, including retail and office spaces.
Retail Applications
•    Big Box Applications—General Merchandise
•    Big Box Applications—Point of Sales
•    Big Box Applications—Product Display
•    Specialty Market—Bakery
•    Specialty Market—Café
•    Specialty Market—Specialty Merchandise

Office Applications
•    Open Plan Office-High Density 1
•    Open Plan Office-High Density 2
•    Open Plan Office-Medium Density 1
•    Open Plan Office-Wallwash 1
•    Enclosed Office-Small 1
•    Meeting-Training Room-Interior Meeting 1

Daylighting Case Studies

ALG Online’s daylighting case studies provide detailed summaries of how daylighting strategies have been successfully incorporated into both new buildings and renovation projects.
•    Open Office—Toplighting
•    Existing Building—Sidelighting Retrofit
•    Large Meeting Room—Top and Sidelighting
•    Gymnasium—Toplighting
•    Open Office—Sidelighting & Controls
•    Conference Room—Automated Blinds

Daylighting for Commerical Office Interiors

This straightforward guide helps interior architects and designers maximize the value of daylighting design for office spaces. It outlines proper space planning, window coverings and interior finishes, providing benefit information that can help designers make the case for daylighting.

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